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Tribal Rythm and Zoo House tour



Tribal Rythm is proud to be part of the Zoo House tour in association with Dj Steve Candela and Dj Yakov for this new night club and special evants tour. Animal theme and special decor will make this experience one of a kind. Come and enjoy this once in a life time party that you wont forget. Stay tune for more info of see us on Facebook at
TRIBAL Rythm and Mud Radio


Mud Radio is celebrating there 1st aniversary on september 21st and this epic party will be held in th3e Olympic tower of the Olympic Stadium in montreal. Tribal Rythm is glad to be part of history as Mud Radio is the #1 local dj web radio station in Montreal.
Tribal Rythm

We are available of all sort of event like night clubs, wedding, corporate event, find raising etc. Feel free to contact us for all and any of your musical needs. We also colaborate with diferent circus acts and performers


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